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Permit Services

South Pacific Logistics

Compliance Control

Making sure every paperwork related to logistics in any part of the world are complied with every legal rules and procedure. 

Optimise Downtime

Remove any barriers or obstacles by ensuring every procedure are done correctly to reduce downtime that might be caused from paperwork.

Global Consultation

Assist in advising your business in any paperwork that are required for local or international business in operation and logistic.

Customs Service & Business Licensing

To expedite logistics, prerequisites such as compliance, checklist and other requirements that might be required for any custom in any countries, these paperwork need to be done in correctly and efficiently. With us, we understand the complexities and every regulations of customs, business licensing and other permits. 


We help make import and export easy anywhere in the world. South Pacific Logistics have a compliance team that help manages all these paperwork that ensures efficiency of your goods and cargoes moving without any problem due to wrong application in paperwork.  

Attentive and Results Oriented

Our Custom Clearance & Permit Related Services

One of the biggest issue that any business would have is having their goods or cargoes stuck in custom. Usually these are cause by not meeting certain requirement or some of the prerequisite has been overlooked. 


This is where South Pacific Logistics compliance team come into play. We are always keep ourselves updated in the custom’s landscape in terms of its regulations. With these knowledge, we can help prevent any delay that would be caused by custom clearance.


On top of custom clearance services, our compliance team also provides consultation to you if you ever want to expand your business to other part of the world. 

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