Order Fulfillment.

South Pacific Logistics S/B is your source for outsourced third party logistics (3PL) to facilitate and improve your company’s supply chain management (SCM). Whether you are looking to outsource all or part of your supply chain management functions, we can help with their wide variety of logistics services.

South Pacific suite of third party logistics service include warehousing, kitting, assembly, pick & pack, distribution, fulfillment and worldwide shipping. South Pacific can help you save money, quicken your time to market, and help you focus on your core business. South Pacific is a trusted outsource partner.

We can ship your product through any standard carrier and is able to group and separate packages ensuring the most rapid and effective means of delivery to customers. We can help wrap gift items, and include personalized messages along with special insert programs. South Pacific can perform kit assembly with pick and pack and develop unique packaging solutions for you and your product’s individual needs during the order fulfillment process.

South Pacific will work with you every step of the way in the order fulfillment process, no matter your individual needs, to construct an order fulfillment plan that fits your company’s product’s packaging and shipping requirement. Working with Samart ensures satisfaction for both you and your customers.

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