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Digital Services

South Pacific Logistics

Digital Marketing

Have an extra marketing channel in selling your goods by letting South Pacific Logistics do all the online marketing that you need.

Corporate Identity Branding

Get well recognized by your potential customers with elegantly and well-thought crafted brand collateral for your company’s marketing campaign.

Website Development

Let your online presence be known and have extra credibility by having your very own website to serve and sell to your customers.

Increase Profit through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a rising trend throughout the years and it’s been proven that it’s essential in any business. However, there’s always been a barrier of businesses trying to go online due to lack of awareness or knowledge of how it works. 


Today, with South Pacific Logistics, you would not need to be concern of it by yourself. Just say you want to go digital, we will handle the rest by providing you options of the things you need to succeed. With our own connections, we are able to provide just any solutions you need such as Facebook Live Marketing, company branding, digital marketing, website design and more.

Facebook Live

Sell your products faster by having our team to advertise your products through Facebook Live channel

Tracking System

Allow your team to track all your parcels to assure your customer on the delivery date and time.

Marketplace Integration

Save up your time by using our system for marketplace integration such as Shopee, Lazada and Shopify.

Corporate Identity

Our graphic design team able to assist to brand your company marketing collateral for brand recogition

e-Commerce Website

Get your own e-commerce website to sell and market your products while at the same time gain extra credibility and convenience.

Digital Marketing

Let your products key feature be known with our marketing team help to promote and offer through digital marketing.

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