Crossborder Services

Our Services in Crossborder.

Easier Logistics in Asia.

Our Process.

What You Can't Ship.

Senders are responsible for making sure that the goods they are shipping are acceptable by airline:

Package Calculation.


Consignment Note Address Format

Korea Address:

*Please sign up/login account, so you can get our warehouse address in system.
Receiver: Simon (Your Customer ID)
Phone: +019 331 8122/ 070 4405 1880
***If you are shop from Korea website, you can ask the seller to send your items to our warehouse in Seoul, Korea.

  1. Please write your Customer ID and Order Number on parcels or When ordering you will be provided with a pdf label in system to print and stick to your parcels.
  2. Please simply write a tracking number/consignment number and parcels weight in order before you know the details. After you know the Tracking No/CN please update in your order.

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